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Leading without Leading: The new direction (or lack of it) in Leadership.

It is estimated that there were about ten million books written and published in the world in the last year. It is also estimated, that of those ten million books published, around 9,999,000 were on the topic of leadership. The rest were diet books, sporting biographies and Harry Potter. And just check out some of […]

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PowerPoint…you are the weakest link – Goodbye!

Got a speaking engagement coming up? Or have to make a big impression with a pitch or presentation? Want to engage with your audience? Want to capture their imagination? Want to get your audience excited and enthusiastic about what you are doing? What to communicate with each and every person in the audience? Then join […]

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Fundamentally Flawed: Five Business Fundamentals that do not work, have not worked and will not work.

If we learnt anything from the Global Economic melt down it is this….most of the accepted business fundamentals that people have written about, talked about and even preached about are wrong, do not work and need to change. There are at least five core business fundamentals that do not work, probably have never worked and […]

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Change Management – the Only Game in Town.

Change management is the only game in town. Everything depends on it. Business success. Profits. Client satisfaction. Staff performance. Everything. The Ten Laws of Change Management: Manage change – or change will manage you: Lead the introduction of change, new ideas and innovations in your industry. If you don’t, then time, situations and circumstances will force […]

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Mission Statement Madness: Make it your Mission Statement to Change Mission Statements.

Mission Statements? Make it your Mission Statement to Change Mission Statements! Mission Statements are like DVD Players: Mission statements are like DVD players: everyone’s got one but no one knows how to use them properly or to their full potential. Mission statements by themselves do not work, do not change anything, do not enhance performance, […]

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Rising to the Challenge: the Catalyst of Conflict, Creativity and Change.

The desire to succeed is common. The dream of success is everywhere. The goal to succeed is universal. The difference between desiring success, dreaming of success and setting goals to achieve success is in your ability to rise to the challenge. A challenge is one thing above all – an opportunity. It is an opportunity […]

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