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The Player Potential Profile – an integrated, practical approach to Talent Identification and Recruitment in High Performance Sport – Part One

Hot Football On Fire from Crestock Stock Photos Every now and again, a client will ask me to come up with a new way of doing something to help them achieve their performance goals. In recent years, a real focus for me has been developing innovative talent identification, recruitment and retention strategies for professional sporting teams. […]

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Sports Psychology: Integrating Mental Skills Training in Effective Coaching.

We all agree that developing mental skills is an essential part of being a successful athlete. The ability to perform under pressure, the capacity to remain confident and resilient when competition conditions get tough, the skill to be able to relax and stay focused when feeling pain and fatigue in competition, concentration, visualization……coaches and athletes […]

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It’s not the workout that wins…you have to win the workout.

One of the greatest myths in sport is that it is the workout that wins. That is, that the secret to sporting success lies in how you manipulate volume, intensity and frequency. Coaches spend years and years crafting their workouts, building invincible programs and creating the perfect combination of work and rest that will deliver them […]

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Coaching without Periodisation

  Coaching 101. Plan. Plan. Plan. Buy a copy of Bompa’s classic text on Periodisation, get out there and plan, plan, plan. You just can’t coach without first developing a written down, detailed, systematic periodised annual training plan. There is another way. (more…)

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Evolution of Coaching Rugby Teams – from Coaching the Team to Coaching Today

There are no real team sports anymore….every significant moment in a team sport competition is decided through a one on one contest. This post discusses how rugby has evolved from a team sport to a game where success is dependent on the optimal preparation and performance of every individual in the team.

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10000 Hours to Make a Sporting Champion?

10000 hours to create a world class athlete. I don’t think so. Being the best is not about what you do…it’s how you do it. It’s understanding the difference between “content” and “intent” and that the attitude of an athlete to the way they train, prepare, compete and recover is what really makes a difference. […]

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