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Sporting Parents: Advice for the Parents of Young Athletes

There are sporting kids. There are sporting coaches. But the critical people in the sporting equation are sporting parents. Sporting parents – i.e. parents of children who play sport are a critically important part of the sports experience. A supportive sporting parent, who understands their roles and responsibilities in the sporting life of their child […]

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Motivation and Coaching – A Misunderstood Mental Matter.

Motivation is something many coaches talk about. Some read about it and try to learn the secrets of motivation in a bid to help their athletes achieve the impossible. Others spend money on motivational speakers to try and motivate their athletes through a passionate team talk or an explosive, emotional pre-performance presentation. Others attend courses, go […]

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Exploding the Home and Away Myth

The Home and Away philosophy is the cornerstone of all professional sporting competitons around the world. But it is a myth. For the well prepared player and the uncompromising coach, the Home and Away concept is nothing but a sham and a remnant of the “old-days” when sport was unprofessional, coaches uninformed and players uneducated. […]

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The Greatest Assistant Coaching Article Ever Written (i.e. because we think it’s the only one): 50 of the best Tips on how to be a World Class Assistant Coach.

Behind every great head coach is a great assistant coach. This article presents 50 tips on how to be a great assistant coach with tips and ideas contributed by some of Australia’s leading coaching brains.

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Not another Sports Academy…..aaaaargh!

Sports Academies, National Training Centres, National Sports Institutes…they are as common as McDonald’s restaurants all over the world. But do they actually make a difference to the performance of elite athletes, coaches and teams?

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The Secret to Coaching Success: How Long is a Piece of String?

One of the most commonly used expressions around the world is “how long is a piece of string?”. People use this phrase when they want to illustrate a point about a question that ostensibly has no answer. Yet, there is an answer to this question – it is just too obvious for most people to […]

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