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The Coaches “Box” – Good and Bad in the Hot Seat in Professional Sport.

They don’t call it the Hot Seat for nothing – the coaches’ box! The coaches’ box is the place where the coaches sit during the game and make important decisions about tactical, strategic and technical issues that have the potential to impact on the momentum of the game and even change the end result. Some coaches’ boxes work […]

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The Accountability Myth – Why the current Leadership models in High Performance Sport are failing (badly).

Person surrounded with crowd from Crestock Stock Photo Time to be honest about this whole Leadership concept in high performance sport – it is not working. And why? It’s not working because of the Accountability Myth: The Accountability Myth is the reason why the current Leadership models in High Performance Sport are failing (badly). (more…)

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Ten Tips to Make Sure Your End of Season Re-view is a Pre-view for Success for Next Year

Typically the end of season means a well earned rest, a few quiet drinks with team mates, some time with family and then… the end of season review. Every team does some kind of season reflection or review – in most cases motivated by one or more “P” – Performance, Politics, Pressure. The Performance Review: […]

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It’s not the head coaches fault……not all of the time that is.

Here’s a typical football Club scenario. Pick a club – any club – any code – it doesn’t matter. The team loses a few games, has a couple of bad seasons and the decision is made to sack the head coach. In fact, Legend AFL Coach David Parkin once said, “There are two types of head coaches. […]

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sporting parents

Sporting Parents: The Vital Element in the Performance Partnership

The sporting parent has some incredibly important responsibilities within the “performance partnership” – i.e. coach, athlete, parent. A sporting parent, for example, is responsible for developing values like honesty, integrity, humility, courage, discipline, a sporting parent can help a child develop time management and a sporting parent can teach an athlete to be more responsible […]

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From One Size fits All to One Size fits One: The Future of Coach Education.

Coach education has shifted from being Content Driven to Context Relevant. Gone are the days of delivering boring, non-specific, content heavy coaching courses. Coaches are looking for smarter, more efficient and more effective ways of learning and most importantly, they are looking for information to help them coach more effectively in the coaching environment (context) […]

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