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Evolution of Coaching Rugby Teams – from Coaching the Team to Coaching Today

There are no real team sports anymore….every significant moment in a team sport competition is decided through a one on one contest. This post discusses how rugby has evolved from a team sport to a game where success is dependent on the optimal preparation and performance of every individual in the team.

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English Premier League (EPL): Doomed to Fail.

The E.P.L – the English Premier League, is arguably the most exciting professional football competition in the world. It is also the most at risk. The history of professional sport has taught us one thing above all….long term, sustainable success is nearly impossible to achieve. And, the teams and competitions which are most at risk […]

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10000 Hours to Make a Sporting Champion?

10000 hours to create a world class athlete. I don’t think so. Being the best is not about what you do…it’s how you do it. It’s understanding the difference between “content” and “intent” and that the attitude of an athlete to the way they train, prepare, compete and recover is what really makes a difference. […]

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Sporting Parents: Advice for the Parents of Young Athletes

There are sporting kids. There are sporting coaches. But the critical people in the sporting equation are sporting parents. Sporting parents – i.e. parents of children who play sport are a critically important part of the sports experience. A supportive sporting parent, who understands their roles and responsibilities in the sporting life of their child […]

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Motivation and Coaching – A Misunderstood Mental Matter.

Motivation is something many coaches talk about. Some read about it and try to learn the secrets of motivation in a bid to help their athletes achieve the impossible. Others spend money on motivational speakers to try and motivate their athletes through a passionate team talk or an explosive, emotional pre-performance presentation. Others attend courses, go […]

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Winning Ugly: Win When No One Expects You To.

Winning. Sometimes you win. Very rarely do you win easily when everything goes the way you planned it to go in training. Sometimes winning is about winning ugly. So what is winning ugly? Question: How may times do you actually go out on the field with all of your best players 100% fit and healthy and […]

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