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Motivation and Coaching – A Misunderstood Mental Matter.

Motivation is something many coaches talk about. Some read about it and try to learn the secrets of motivation in a bid to help their athletes achieve the impossible. Others spend money on motivational speakers to try and motivate their athletes through a passionate team talk or an explosive, emotional pre-performance presentation. Others attend courses, go […]

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The Passion to Prepare = or > The Potential to Perform

Sporting talent? Who needs it? There are tens of millions of people all over the world with the talent – the potential to be outstanding athletes. However, without the passion to prepare – a passion which equals or exceeds their level of talent, these people remain largely undiscovered and their potential unrealised. This article presents […]

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Motivation Mistakes

Motivation Mistakes. I often get asked to do motivation talks to athletes, coaches, teams and organisations all over the world. I am happy to accept the professional fees but….to be honest: Motivation Talks Do Not Work. Motivation is the fire that burns inside the hearts and minds of people: people who dream of being more […]

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