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Drugs, Alcohol and Elite sport: a real life approach

Every time a professional player or elite athlete tests positive to drugs or is caught abusing alcohol, you can guarantee three things will happen: Newspapers and other media will over react and claim an isolated incident is evidence of an inherent drug and alcohol abuse culture in the club or sport (or all of sport); The club […]

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Hiring and Developing a Winning Coaching Team

The Coaching Team. Gone are the days of the “GURU” coaches. Sure, the great names of coaching have all been “one man bands” – strong, decisive, authoritarian, leadership focused head coaches who controlled every aspect of the team’s performance. However, elite sport has developed at an incredible rate over the past twenty years and the knowledge and skills […]

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The Facility Fallacy

  Here’s how it goes. Your club has had another poor season. People looking for answers come up with a lot of ideas on how to improve next year. The management team determine that what the Club needs is a new high performance facility: new stadium, new meeting rooms, new computer lab, new medical facilities, […]

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Recovering from Recovery: Recovery in Perspective.

The sporting world has gone Recovery mad: ice baths, Sports drinks, Gels, high-pressure showers, massage…… has gotten to the point where some athletes and coaches are putting Recovery before Hard Training. So what is Recovery? Why is it important? And most importantly what is the role of Recovery in enhancing the competition performance of athletes?

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Altitude Training – a breath of fresh air…….NOT!

Message to the Sports Science community – are you kidding? Altitude training? I thought the old approach to altitude training was done and dusted but to my amazement, nations continue to invest in one of the most questionable sports performance “enhancement” methodologies in the business. You can’t be serious! (more…)

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High Performance Sports Systems – The Non System System.

green apples on a pyramid shape – be different from Crestock Creative Images So Great Britain has an outstanding high performance sports system. Australia had one a few years ago…and they hope to have it again. The “Eastern Block” had some brilliant high performance sports systems – systems which influenced the development of high performance […]

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