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Sports Psychology: Integrating Mental Skills Training in Effective Coaching.

We all agree that developing mental skills is an essential part of being a successful athlete. The ability to perform under pressure, the capacity to remain confident and resilient when competition conditions get tough, the skill to be able to relax and stay focused when feeling pain and fatigue in competition, concentration, visualization……coaches and athletes […]

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High Performance Sports Leadership

Many people aspire to leading high performance sporting teams, organisations and national sporting bodies. However, most are unprepared for the real challenges of leadership – particularly of leading effectively in an environment of pressure, stress and high public expectations.

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The Accountability Myth – Why the current Leadership models in High Performance Sport are failing (badly).

Person surrounded with crowd from Crestock Stock Photo Time to be honest about this whole Leadership concept in high performance sport – it is not working. And why? It’s not working because of the Accountability Myth: The Accountability Myth is the reason why the current Leadership models in High Performance Sport are failing (badly). (more…)

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Positive Drug Tests in Sport: 6 Types of Drug Cheats and How to Recognise them.

Positive Drug Tests in sport. What sort of idiot trains hard for months or even years then: Takes performance enhancing or social drugs before, during or after competition? Takes performance enhancing or social drugs at any time? That’s just it: they are idiots. Well most of them are anyway. Some are misguided. Some are lazy. Some just […]

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Creative Coaching: Teaching coaches to be Creative and Innovative.

Bright sphere with smile in row of grey boxes from Crestock Creative Images Quick. Write down your own list of the top ten skills of quality coaching. What does it look like? Something like this? Communication skills; Passion; Empathy with athletes; The ability to engage with athletes and inspire athletes to fully engage with the […]

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The W – Word: Winning.

I am getting so sick of people talking about high performance environments, about following a process, about systems, about structures, about programs, about initiatives, about workshops and about strategies. The name of the game is Winning – oops – there I said it. Winning. Winning. Winning. There, I said it again. That felt great. I’ll say […]

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