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10000 Hours to Make a Sporting Champion?

10000 hours to create a world class athlete. I don’t think so. Being the best is not about what you do…it’s how you do it. It’s understanding the difference between “content” and “intent” and that the attitude of an athlete to the way they train, prepare, compete and recover is what really makes a difference. […]

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New Sport – The Challenges and Opportunities for Smart Coaches

I’m seeing some really exciting changes in sport happening around the world and a shift towards what I call “new sport.” What we are seeing in a lot of the Olympic sports and what we call the high commitment sports – swimming, athletics, rowing, cycling, gymnastics, diving – sports which are asking and demanding a lot […]

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Content vs Intent: A Critical Coaching Concept

A fundamental aspect of becoming a great coach is understanding the difference between content and intent: understanding the difference between the science of coaching and the art of coaching. So much of great coaching comes from working with athletes as human beings and inspiring them to be more than they can be without our coaching.

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More with Less

A More with Less World. We live in a world where people are looking to get a better result with less effort and with the investment of fewer resources. Sport is right in the middle of that mix – the “more with less” generation. Coaches are continually thinking, “how do I get the best possible […]

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The Secret to Success – And You Already Know It

The secret to success. The one thing that will turn your life around. The one thing that when you do it will make all your dreams come true. And what is it? You already know what it is. This article points out that everyone knows the secret to success – but we just aren’t prepared […]

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Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness: What is It and How to Coach It

Start talking about mental toughness in sport and you’ll soon find out that everyone’s got an opinion about it. People will start using words like “hard” and “tough” and “mean” and phrases like “never quits” etc to describe their views about mental toughness. But what is mental toughness? Can it be measured? Can it coached? […]

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