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Coaching without Periodisation

  Coaching 101. Plan. Plan. Plan. Buy a copy of Bompa’s classic text on Periodisation, get out there and plan, plan, plan. You just can’t coach without first developing a written down, detailed, systematic periodised annual training plan. There is another way. (more…)

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10000 Hours to Make a Sporting Champion?

10000 hours to create a world class athlete. I don’t think so. Being the best is not about what you do…it’s how you do it. It’s understanding the difference between “content” and “intent” and that the attitude of an athlete to the way they train, prepare, compete and recover is what really makes a difference. […]

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Motivation and Coaching – A Misunderstood Mental Matter.

Motivation is something many coaches talk about. Some read about it and try to learn the secrets of motivation in a bid to help their athletes achieve the impossible. Others spend money on motivational speakers to try and motivate their athletes through a passionate team talk or an explosive, emotional pre-performance presentation. Others attend courses, go […]

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Finding the Right Head Coach: Leader, Visionary, Coach.

A head coach can be the catalyst: the driving force who inspires excellence and creates a successful winning culture in a sporting organisation. Knowing this, it is surprising that many sporting Clubs and organisations – even those in professional sport – will often select a new head coach based on anecdote, personality and rumour and […]

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High Performance Sports Leadership

Many people aspire to leading high performance sporting teams, organisations and national sporting bodies. However, most are unprepared for the real challenges of leadership – particularly of leading effectively in an environment of pressure, stress and high public expectations.

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New Sport – The Challenges and Opportunities for Smart Coaches

I’m seeing some really exciting changes in sport happening around the world and a shift towards what I call “new sport.” What we are seeing in a lot of the Olympic sports and what we call the high commitment sports – swimming, athletics, rowing, cycling, gymnastics, diving – sports which are asking and demanding a lot […]

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