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A Fish Rots from the Head: Solving Problems in High Performance Sport.

In High Performance Sport, experience is important. Knowledge of the sports industry is critical. An understanding of the culture of high performance is vital. But ultimately, success is high performance sport comes down to possessing exceptional talent and ability in five core areas: Problem solving; Crisis management; Creating and sustaining a high performance environment, i.e. change management and continuous improvement; […]

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New Sport – The Challenges and Opportunities for Smart Coaches

I’m seeing some really exciting changes in sport happening around the world and a shift towards what I call “new sport.” What we are seeing in a lot of the Olympic sports and what we call the high commitment sports – swimming, athletics, rowing, cycling, gymnastics, diving – sports which are asking and demanding a lot […]

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Improve your Coaching by NOT Coaching

You read right – improve your coaching by NOT coaching. Coaching improves performance. But too much coaching – over coaching – can have a negative influence on performance. Who OVER coaches? (more…)

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What do Athletes Believe? What drives their Behaviours? Performance Environment Values Poll.

Lots of Clubs and Coaches talk about the underpinning “values” system in their organisation. You can define “values” as those core beliefs which influence attitudes and behaviours. Values are the “fuel” – the driving force behind the beliefs and behaviours of athletes (and indeed coaches, staff, management and the Board) in the D.A.T.E. – Daily Athlete Training […]

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Sport Parenting – The Performance Partnership

The support young athletes get from their parents is often just as influential as that which they receive from their coaches. Wayne explores how athletes can best work with coaches and parents to create an environment that helps them to realise their potential.

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Content vs Intent: A Critical Coaching Concept

A fundamental aspect of becoming a great coach is understanding the difference between content and intent: understanding the difference between the science of coaching and the art of coaching. So much of great coaching comes from working with athletes as human beings and inspiring them to be more than they can be without our coaching.

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