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Motivation Mistakes

Motivation Mistakes. I often get asked to do motivation talks to athletes, coaches, teams and organisations all over the world. I am happy to accept the professional fees but….to be honest: Motivation Talks Do Not Work. Motivation is the fire that burns inside the hearts and minds of people: people who dream of being more […]

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Coaching Philosophy. Why Do You Coach?

  Coaching Philosophy. Why Do You Coach? By Wayne Goldsmith If you’re already an experienced coach, how would you go about starting your coaching career all over again? Knowing what you know now – how would you start again – and build a sustainably successful coaching career? Or maybe you’re just starting out on your […]

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Hiring and Developing a Winning Coaching Team

The Coaching Team. Gone are the days of the “GURU” coaches. Sure, the great names of coaching have all been “one man bands” – strong, decisive, authoritarian, leadership focused head coaches who controlled every aspect of the team’s performance. However, elite sport has developed at an incredible rate over the past twenty years and the knowledge and skills […]

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