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The Secret to Coaching Success: How Long is a Piece of String?

One of the most commonly used expressions around the world is “how long is a piece of string?”. People use this phrase when they want to illustrate a point about a question that ostensibly has no answer. Yet, there is an answer to this question – it is just too obvious for most people to […]

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Finding the Right Head Coach: Leader, Visionary, Coach.

A head coach can be the catalyst: the driving force who inspires excellence and creates a successful winning culture in a sporting organisation. Knowing this, it is surprising that many sporting Clubs and organisations – even those in professional sport – will often select a new head coach based on anecdote, personality and rumour and […]

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High Performance Sports Leadership

Many people aspire to leading high performance sporting teams, organisations and national sporting bodies. However, most are unprepared for the real challenges of leadership – particularly of leading effectively in an environment of pressure, stress and high public expectations.

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The Culture Combination: 5 People and Positions You Must Get Right to Build a Winning High Performance Culture in Your Sporting Organisation

There is no one thing that you can do which will guarantee success: no single change which, in isolation will create and sustain a winning culture in high performance sport. There are however a combination of things that you can do to increase the likelihood of success: “The Culture Combination”: 5 People and Positions You Must Get Right to Build a Winning […]

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Content vs Intent: A Critical Coaching Concept

A fundamental aspect of becoming a great coach is understanding the difference between content and intent: understanding the difference between the science of coaching and the art of coaching. So much of great coaching comes from working with athletes as human beings and inspiring them to be more than they can be without our coaching.

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Where is leadership in sport going: the future of leadership.

Leadership in sport is something about which everyone has a view but few understand. As leadership in sport has evolved we have seen the philosophy of leadership shift from centralised (i.e. the head coach and captain) to decentralised (i.e. leadership teams, leadership groups etc). Where is leadership heading in sport? Answer…..There wont be any…that is, […]

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