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Motivation….aint no such thing

By Wayne Goldsmith Coaches are always talking about motivation and some make lots of money doing motivation talks, motivation lectures, giving motivational speeches, writing motivational books, selling motivational videos, running motivational courses and generally being motivational! Here’s the funny thing: motivation – there’s no such thing. (more…)

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Sports Psycho-physiology: The Way Forward in Successful Coaching and Sports Performance.

There is nothing new about integrating the Mind and the Body to realise successful sports performance. However, what is new is integrating Mind and Body in all aspects of sports coaching and athletic performance every day. This article discusses Sports Psycho – Physiology and challenges athletes, coaches, sports scientists and sporting organisations to reassess how […]

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Improve your Coaching by NOT Coaching

By Wayne Goldsmith | You read right – improve your coaching by NOT coaching. Coaching improves performance. But too much coaching – over coaching – can have a negative influence on performance. Who OVER coaches? Typically five types of coaches OVER coach: Young, inexperienced coaches who are trying too hard; Coaches who lack real belief in […]

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Sports Science and Coaching: Bridging the Gap.

Sports science has made and can continue to make a huge impact on sports performance. However, most sports scientists do not communicate their knowledge, research, ideas and information very well. As a result, many coaches will listen to and work with sports scientists who have made the effort to understand the coaching “world” and to […]

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Good to Great: Coaching Excellence.

There are many good coaches in the world all striving to do their best and to help athletes realise their full potential. Some coaches – through their hard work, dedication, commitment, tenacity and creativity make the transition from good to great.

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High Performance Sports Leadership

Many people aspire to leading high performance sporting teams, organisations and national sporting bodies. However, most are unprepared for the real challenges of leadership – particularly of leading effectively in an environment of pressure, stress and high public expectations.

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