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University of Canberra, National Institute for Sports Studies

Sports Psychology: Integrating Mental Skills Training in Effective Coaching.

We all agree that developing mental skills is an essential part of being a successful athlete. The ability to perform under pressure, the capacity to remain confident and resilient when competition conditions get tough, the skill to be able to relax and stay focused when feeling pain and fatigue in competition, concentration, visualization……coaches and athletes […]

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Good to Great: Coaching Excellence.

There are many good coaches in the world all striving to do their best and to help athletes realise their full potential. Some coaches – through their hard work, dedication, commitment, tenacity and creativity make the transition from good to great.

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Creative Coaching: Teaching coaches to be Creative and Innovative.

Bright sphere with smile in row of grey boxes from Crestock Creative Images Quick. Write down your own list of the top ten skills of quality coaching. What does it look like? Something like this? Communication skills; Passion; Empathy with athletes; The ability to engage with athletes and inspire athletes to fully engage with the […]

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The Evolution of Leadership in Professional Sport: from coach to captain to collaboration.

leadership blvd_excellence way from Crestock Stock Photos Leadership? Lots of people talk about where leadership in sport is now. But where did our current thinking on leadership come from? How did leadership in professional sport evolve? And more importantly, where is leadership in professional sport going? (more…)

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Training Based Research Studies: the Biggest Con in sport since the Muffin.

shot of twins & cupcakes from Crestock Images Remember how when we were kids everyone liked to eat cupcakes. Then when we got older and a bit more health conscious we were told to give them up because of the sugar and flour and other stuff in them. Then along comes a sports nutritionist who […]

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The Five Stages of Coaching: Going from Beginner to the Best Coach You can Be.

backet from Crestock Stock Photography There are coaching courses, coaching workshops, coaching programs, coaching presentations and coaching seminars. There are mentoring programs for coaches, professional development programs for coaches, training programs for coaches and a million and one degrees, certificates and accreditation programs for coaches. But what is coaching and what does it take to […]

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